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                          NEWS from the FARMHOUSE 

                                               June 2017                                                                                                                           

Here we are on the 6th of June, still burning the woodstove.  It's been so chilly and wet, so much rain, I'm wondering if summer will ever arrive.  It's too wet to plant, and though I've tilled a portion of the garden areas there is still much to do.  At this late date, looks like we will be relying more on a Fall garden harvest than anything else.  Last year the brook totally dried up, now it's like a river!  The ticks and mosquitos are dreadful so my Bug Bar soap is always on hand.

About 50,000 shops on Etsy have either been suspended or have voluntarily closed, including mine, because many of us don't care for the new payment policies and changes Etsy has made, which will eliminate Paypal payments and require us to give banking and other personal info to Etsy.  Many sellers were upset about this newest change.  Our shop pages say "taking a short break" but in fact we have been suspended by Etsy and no items are shown for sale.  So I've been slowly transferring items over to this website including vintage items as well as soaps.  I'd like to thank my Etsy customers for their support for the past seven years and hope you make your way here to my website to find the soaps and vintage items you love.

More updates coming soon!                                                                                                 


EXCELLENT radio talk show hosts we listen to regularly include Jeff Kuhner (the Kuhner report), Mike Siegel,  Laura Ingrahm, Sean Hannity, Michael Savage (the Savage Nation)   Rush Limbaugh,  Howie Carr, Mark Levin, sometimes there's a good radio host on Philly's 1210 am radio, also here on the seacoast we get the Mike Gallagher show...1270 am 10 am   We also sometimes tune in to shortwave radio at night.... Very good!

If you like talk about UFO's, Yetti's, "other worldy" experiences...check out late night radio to go sleep by:  Ground Zero with host Clyde Lewis

  If you want to learn the truth and hear REAL NEWS.....shut off the tv and listen to conservative talk radio!

              We are praying for Trump and our Country!

                                          GOD BLESS AMERICA



                            CAT TALES from Cats in the Cradle.....

Sometime in August, a beautiful feral kitty gave birth to some beautiful kittens under my neighbor's old barn........we were feeding her for nearly a year, seeing her come and go across the busy road on bitter cold snowy days and in the summer heat, fearful she would be hit, never able to get near to her while she ate on our porch...watching as her tummy swelled and then watching as she grew thin and gaunt, knowing she now had a family to feed.........One day in late September she brought her little family to our barn instead....


We called her "Boston Blackie" or Blackie for short.....


She was a good mother and kept close watch on her children, sleeping upstairs in the barn with them in the little hut I'd made years ago, the one that had sheltered countless feral cats over the years...........of course I gave her fresh bedding!

Several times I helped her look for the babies when they went missing for as long as a day and a half, and Blackie seemed to know I was helping her find them...


The babies were precious but very skiddish, not willing to come to me but staying a distance, even when I got them to play.


One day, not long after, I managed to capture the 2 black ones in a cat carrier and put them upstairs in a spare room where I knew they would be safe.  They had started to run near the busy road, and sometimes would be lost in the woods for 1-2 days, with mother frantically looking for them.  I had to do something.  Capturing the little grey kitty was harder, I ended up using a dead mouse that momma had caught to give him, placing it on the end of a string and enticing him into the carrier with it.  It worked.......


   But now we are so

  happy that the kittens

have a wonderful home  and momma has gone to a nice home in Wolfeboro, after being in my workshop for close to two weeks.  She went to her new home Nov. 2nd, it was hard to say goodbye.


After a year I guess I figured she would become one of our own house kitties...but she seemed alittle too clingy and we were afraid our 2 boys would be jealous. To make matters worse, our dear Look A Like had surgery to remove a large tumor from his tongue, and in the midst of all the commotion over Blackie and her babies, we had to deal with the possiblity of losing one of the best cats we've ever had.

Blackie seemed to be content in the workshop though I knew she wanted to go out badly. Our biggest fear was that she'd get pregnant yet again!



Days and days of much needed rain and chilly weather, but Blackie was safe and warm sleeping on a table by the furnace or on a table-top bed near my computer........


She's became so affectionate and was really such a love!  So when her new owner came to collect her, a nice lady and her 15 yr. old son, I had to be sure she would be getting a good home.  I miss her and the other 2 kittens but it's comforting to know they are living in warm homes.  Momma kitty "Blackie" was renamed Isabelle.  Chloe looks just like her.


The beautiful black kitten above was named Spooky by his new owner, and the little grey female kitten below had already caught her very own field mouse before I brought her indoors, and proceeded to eat it, every last bit, right in front of me!  Her new name escapes me now, but both she and her fluffy brother went to the same household, just down the road from us.  I wish we could've kept the whole family but I think our older boys are accepting the one little kitten better than they would've the whole clan. 

The little grey kitten looked alot like our "ET" when he was a baby, many years ago.


And this is Chloe, when she was just a few months old.  She is the spitting image of her mom Blackie except that mom has a crescent moon shaped scar just below her left eye...a battle scar no doubt from her hard life outdoors.   We are so happy we decided to keep Chloe.

And below is a Look A Like while still in that dreadful Elizabethan collar which he had to wear after his surgery. We called him our little "conehead" for Halloween!  Our prayers were answered when the pathology report came back negative for cancer.  As of today, Feb. 14th, his tongue is looking fine and no sign of the growths.


The vet thinks maybe it's an allergy, but we may never know what caused tumors to form on his tongue. He was on  steroids for a while to shrink the 2 at the back of his tongue, and special food, which was not too crazy about.  A portion of his tongue had to be removed, along with the tumor in front.


We are just so thrilled to know our baby boy doesn't have cancer.  I don't think I could take losing this special kitty when he's only 8 1/2 years old.   Chloe would be devastated!


                PHOTOS FROM A TRUMP RALLY  Fall 2015


On Sept. 17th, Donald Trump spoke to a packed house of over 3,000 people in Rochester, N.H., some said it was 3,500.  We got there at 4:30, way early but we knew the crowd would get huge. It was a hot evening but Trump had the event well organized offering cold bottled water and chairs to people standing outside in the heat waiting to get inside. About 40 minutes later we were let inside.  His people were very accomodating and polite. Several local folks spoke before Trump arrived after 7pm.                                  


                             He spoke to the crowd and took questions for  about an hour and a half, it was so hot in that arena!                                                                                                   


                                                                Heavy security too...

                         Would you wanna mess with this guy???





        Our darling baby boy helps Mother by just being cute...


                                           Isn't he adorable?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              I                                             






"The Tree of Liberty must oft times be watered with the Blood of Patriots"

                                                                    Thomas Jefferson




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