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          News from the Farmhouse...Late July 2020


  NEW FLASH!!  We'll be without a computer for a few days starting on July 24 as a very kind and generous soap customer is giving me a newer one.  He took pity on my plight using a 17 year old Dell computer that is about ready to crap the bed so to speak....thank you Vic, I'm packing up your soaps as we speak!   Please bear with me while I learn the new system and hopefully can transition over without any nightmares.

  Covid 19 hysteria continues to create havoc.   I don't know about you but I'm sick of seeing folks walking around like zombies with their faces all masked up like we were dealing with the Black Plaque (except of course when they're rioting).

Thankfully New Hampshire hasn't over reacted quite as badly as some states, but many of us feel our Governor is dragging his heels opening things up in a more normal fashion.  When I see people sitting all by themselves on a park bench, or alone in their cars and they have masks on, it makes me wonder if they've lost all sense of reality.  Why are folks so willing to give up freedom for this?  It's really frightening. Don't tell me you can't sicken yourself by wearing a mask either because you most definitely can!  Lack of oxygen and breathing in carbon dioxide is not healthy.  It's all about control folks.  Control the masses of sheep.  Our Constitutional rights are being eliminated.

The "CANCEL AMERICA" culture seems to be taking over the country at an alarming rate and it's way past time the rest of us fight back.   I urgently encourage folks to pay close attention to what people like Glenn Beck are uncovering.  He is spot on correct about the roots of this hateful anti-American culture and how it's been in the works for a very long time, just waiting for the right moment to take over every aspect of our lives.  It began in the schools with the endoctrination of our children, and it continues today only now it's full steam ahead.  There's nothing subtle about their message or their tactics anymore.  And you wonder why normal people who love their country are loading up on firearms and ammo?  If these terrorist thugs, largely funded by people like George Soros, are getting AR-15's and being trained to use them by militants who hate this country, what  would YOU do?    

We continue to keep Rush Limbaugh in our prayers, I believe he has a great attitude and will come through this illness like a champ.  I was so surprised to receive a package from his people after I'd sent a few messages to his email letting him know how I'm praying for him, with three beautiful T-shirts and a signed glossy photo of Rush along with a thank you card....thank YOU Rush, for all you've taught me over the past 30 years!  You've picked up where my late father left off, teaching me what I need to know to survive these times and all with the same wonderful sense of humor my dad had.   I only wish my dad could've lived to hear your wit and wisdom on the airwaves all these years.

Looks like I will have a garden after all this year, despite drought conditions (we live in a very low lying, wet area) and the lack of a rototiller, I've done alot by hand and put in raised beds so we're finally seeing the fruits (and veggies) of all my hard labor (and sweat!).  It's been so hot and humid and it's continued into July and still continues.....Fall can arrive any time it likes as far as I'm concerned!

We lost one of our dear kitties back in April, our beloved "Pissy Puss" died.  He was our diabetic kitty, and one day his sugar dropped to 25 .  A horrendous drive to the ER vet in pouring rain stablized his sugar but after ten days of trips to different vets he died at home.  They suspected cancer, though noone seemed to be able to pinpoint the cause of the massive build up of abdominal fluids.  Dear Pissy Puss, we loved him so and  miss him every day.  Chloe and Look-Alike still seem to look for him.


Here he is as a young lad.  I'll always remember his silly "pie eyed" expression.

Till next time, when I will hopefully be using a newer computer without any issues.....










    WE LOVE TALK RADIO and think everyone should shut off the boob tube and listen to some great conservative radio hosts. Sadly there are those who have the tv on all day where "fake news" and the most stupid excuse for comedy is shown hour after hour.  NO wonder the country is a mess...we have a population of mind numbed robots absorbing all that mindless dribble like a dry sponge.  TURN IT OFF!!  Get that radio on, tune it in to one of the better conservative talk show hosts!  You'll finally get a decent education and enjoy some REAL humor at the same time.

Here are a few of our favorites:                                                                                                                                                                EXCELLENT radio talk show hosts we listen to regularly include Jeff Kuhner (the Kuhner report), Rush Limbaugh,  Sean Hannity, Mike Gallagher, Alex Jones (he's often right though many consider him a "conspiracy theorist")  , Howie Carr, Mark Levin, sometimes there's a good radio host on Philly's 1210 am radio,  We also sometimes tune in to shortwave radio at night.... Very good!  Clyde Lewis' "Ground Zero" and those old reruns of Art Bell  are always interesting to fall asleep to....

Frankly...there are NO conspiracy theories...the Left Wing loonies are not trying to hide anything's all pure, unadulterated "in your face" GLOBALISM, ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT, BIG BROTHER LUCIFERIAN GUN GRABBING AGENDAS and people are finally wising up to the FAR LEFT'S attempted take over of our great country.  Remember, the first thing the left will do to take over a people is to DISARM THEM!

We are not going to take it anymore!

  If you want to learn the truth and hear REAL NEWS.....shut off the tv and listen to conservative talk radio!       

                                  GOD BLESS PRESIDENT TRUMP!

                                           GOD BLESS AMERICA!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          






"The Tree of Liberty must oft times be watered with the Blood of Patriots"

                                                                    Thomas Jefferson




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