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                     News from the Farmhouse.....July 2021

                         Celebrate Independence with Prayer         



  "July 4th will not be cancelled, nor purged from history, or our hearts."     

                                    President Donald. J. Trump



Celebrating 245 years of freedom from the British, now it's time we get our freedom back from the tyrannical leftists in this country.  Communism has NO PLACE in AMERICA!

The real good news is we've both survived the Covid virus (we were sick for three weeks) though I must say my symptoms were very mild, more annoying, I was very lucky.   Phil had a a tougher time but his was also considered a mild case by the doctors, though you couldn't convince him of that.   But he's on the mend and actually was able to go back to work for half days for awhile.  The fatigue has been particularly bad for him, and of course the nasty fevers were no fun either.  Thankfully, we got him on Hydroxychloroquine and zinc RIGHT AWAY and we believe that kept the virus from getting into his lungs.  I didn't take anything and I came through it much better than most folks my age do.  We both take vitamins and I'm sure that helped as well.  Considering Phil is a survivor of pancreatic cancer and 72, he's doing remarkably well.  NO vaccines for us, we now have natural immunity!  We will never take any vaccines for anything.

The extreme heat wave certainly didn't help either of us, but the rains and cooler temps we've had the past few days have been a welcome change.  The garden never got planted but for a few potato plants, some cabbage and garlic.   I am hoping to get out there this coming week and finish the job, and maybe we'll have a few veggies come fall.  I haven't even put out the flags, but believe me the "IMPEACH BIDEN" sign is going back out on the lawn shortly.....I took it down so I could mow about a week ago, despite still feeling a bit under the weather.  One of us has to get this stuff done and the place was starting to look like nobody lives here.


   We have a new conservative group for our Tri-County area, below is the ad I designed for the recently printed ALTON OLD HOME WEEK booklet, which also contains a couple of photos I submitted from past events in our town, and of course an ad for Cats in the Cradle as well:


   Next I'll be working on some cute photos of the kitties to submit    to the NH Humane Society's 2022 calender.  

Thanks to Covid, I haven't made soap in well over a month.  I hope to get back to that soon, and come Fall there will be ALOT of soap made for the upcoming holiday season.   Please be patient, your favorites will be available again soon.


                                    And now for a bit of humor.........



           We love Patriot Post!      


   Rush Hudson Limbaugh, you will be missed for a very long time.




                                 DON'T BLAME US....WE VOTED FOR TRUMP!










         Alton's own Trump Headquarters and home of the

                          Tri-County Republicans!          



 "Because I know God is just, I tremble for my country"

                                                                                                  Thomas Jefferson


 "When we work, we work.  When we pray, God works."


I urge you to check out One America News ( as well as for the truth the main stream media will never allow you to hear.  Also, you might want to check out:

Other excellent sites:

 Thanks again Vic for the newer computer, it's a real pleasure to use!



    WE LOVE TALK RADIO and think everyone should shut off the boob tube and listen to some great conservative radio hosts. Sadly there are those who have the tv on all day where "fake news" and the most stupid excuse for comedy is shown hour after hour.  NO wonder the country is a mess...we have a population of mind numbed robots absorbing all that mindless dribble like a dry sponge.  TURN IT OFF!!  Give talk radio a try, you might learn something! 

Here are a few of our favorites:                                                                                                                                                                EXCELLENT radio talk show hosts we listen to regularly include Jeff Kuhner (the Kuhner report), Rush Limbaugh,  Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Joe Pags,  Rudy Guilliani, Alex Jones (he's often right though many consider him a "conspiracy theorist")  , Howie Carr, Mark Levin, Ben Ferguson, and many others.  

Frankly...there are NO conspiracy theories...the Left Wing loonies are not trying to hide anything's all pure, unadulterated "in your face" GLOBALISM, ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT, BIG BROTHER LUCIFERIAN GUN GRABBING AGENDAS and people are finally wising up to the FAR LEFT'S attempted take over of our great country.  

Better news options include conservative talk radio, Newsmax, and One America News    

                                  GOD BLESS PRESIDENT TRUMP!

                                           GOD BLESS AMERICA!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          






"The Tree of Liberty must oft times be watered with the Blood of Patriots"

                                                                    Thomas Jefferson




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