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             News from the Farmhouse....  January 2022


           When the days lengthen, the cold strengthens.....

That's just one of those old fashioned New England sayings told to us years ago by an eccentric Harvard Professor who didn't even have heat in his old house but for one woodstove in  his kitchen.   

It's been below zero here in New Hampshire for the past two days.  Both wood stoves are going and I just filled in some cracks in the kitchen floor where a blast of arctic air has been constantly frosting my ankles.   What a wonderful product caulking is!   A few throw rugs over the old pine planks help too.  It's January 11th and the Christmas tree is still up, looking beautiful and not dropping many needles yet.  Before we brought it into the house for the holidays, the neighbors goats kept coming down over the stone wall and nibbling at it but we got it indoors in time to save it.  The cats enjoy it and so do we, especially in the evening when it makes the house look so cosy.  Chloe managed to dislodge a few ornaments but for the most part both kitties were well behaved this year. Santa Puss was good to them so they've been stoned out of their gourds on Dr. Pussum's toys. 


The news continues to depress and sometimes I find myself lost in an old book from my childhood just to lift my spirits.   One of my favorites is "Rabbit Hill" by Lawson, and of course the "LIttle House" books never fail to bring a smile and remind me of how tough folks had it during the bitter cold winters on the prairie in the late 1800's.  I don't feel so bad then, knowing the old place is warm even if I do have to get up around 4 am to put more wood in the stove.  Oh we burn oil too, but there are so many drafts here it's a constant battle.  If this cold snap continues I will likely put some plastic up over the draftiest windows, unsightly as it is, the holidays are over and I don't have to impress anyone at the moment! 

 We're all experiencing bare shelves at the super markets, higher gas and home heating oil prices, and the loss of jobs due to a "vaccine" mandate that is nothing short of tyranny.  So far, Phil is still at his job, and everyone is anxiously awaiting to see if the Supreme Court will uphold the Constitution and put an end to this disgraceful situation.  Sometimes I'm not sure what country I'm living in anymore.   We've fallen so far from what our founding fathers built for us, in just one year.  If it wasn't for a handful of conservative talk radio programs I'd go nuts.  It's times like these that I really miss Rush Limbaugh terribly, and I must put in a plug for a great book about Rush that I bought Phil for Christmas.  It's called "Rush on the Radio" by James Golden, a.k.a. "Bo Snerdly," Rush's side kick for over 30 years.  Phil just finished the book and said it was amazing, so now I am starting to read it.              

















 "July 4th will not be cancelled, nor purged from history, or our hearts."      President Donald. J. Trump


         And now for a bit of humor.........



           We love Patriot Post!      


   Rush Hudson Limbaugh, you will be missed for a very long time.


                                 DON'T BLAME US....WE VOTED FOR TRUMP!










         Alton's own Trump Headquarters and home of the

                          Tri-County Republicans!          



 "Because I know God is just, I tremble for my country"

                                                                                                  Thomas Jefferson


 "When we work, we work.  When we pray, God works."


I urge you to check out One America News ( as well as for the truth the main stream media will never allow you to hear.  Also, you might want to check out:

Other excellent sites:

 Thanks again Vic for the newer computer, it's a real pleasure to use!



    WE LOVE TALK RADIO and think everyone should shut off the boob tube and listen to some great conservative radio hosts. Sadly there are those who have the tv on all day where "fake news" and the most stupid excuse for comedy is shown hour after hour.  NO wonder the country is a mess...we have a population of mind numbed robots absorbing all that mindless dribble like a dry sponge.  TURN IT OFF!!  Give talk radio a try, you might learn something! 

Here are a few of our favorites:                                                                                                                                                                EXCELLENT radio talk show hosts we listen to regularly include Jeff Kuhner (the Kuhner report), Rush Limbaugh,  Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Joe Pags,  Rudy Guilliani, Alex Jones (he's often right though many consider him a "conspiracy theorist")  , Howie Carr, Mark Levin, Ben Ferguson, and many others.  

Frankly...there are NO conspiracy theories...the Left Wing loonies are not trying to hide anything's all pure, unadulterated "in your face" GLOBALISM, ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT, BIG BROTHER LUCIFERIAN GUN GRABBING AGENDAS and people are finally wising up to the FAR LEFT'S attempted take over of our great country.  

Better news options include conservative talk radio, Newsmax, and One America News    

                                  GOD BLESS PRESIDENT TRUMP!

                                           GOD BLESS AMERICA!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          






"The Tree of Liberty must oft times be watered with the Blood of Patriots"

                                                                    Thomas Jefferson




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