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                                                             "Maid Metaphor"

Cats in the Cradle is a cottage industry nestled in the beautiful Lakes Region of New Hampshire.  Here from an old farmhouse handcrafted artisan soaps and other skin care products are made in small batches and sent to customers near and far. The business was started to help support the many abandoned stray cats that roamed the neighborhood when we moved here in spring of 1980.  Many were in dire need of medical care.  Homes were found for some but inevitably many of them became our own.  In February of 1991 I turned out my first batch of soap and Cats in the Cradle was born .  Soon I was selling my products all across New Hampshire and elsewhere.


Those who know us also know that at one time we had as many as 28 house cats.  We were also selling alot of soap which helped with their care.  Today we have three adorable kitties who are as spoiled as can be and of course there's always the occasional "transient" kitty who passes by or perhaps takes shelter in our old barn, and they can always be assured of a meal at Cats in the Cradle.


Cats in the Cradle soaps are made by hand using the cold batch method.  I use high quality botanical ingredients, many grown in my own gardens, and the very best food grade oils and fats.  Bars are handcut and cured for several weeks to ensure they are long-lasting.  My products are individually packaged with nostalgia in mind.....vintage or handmade Italian papers and original or altered antique artwork adorn each bar.


In addition to making soap, my husband and I are musicians and enthusiastic vintage film buffs. We were proud to have had a hand in hosting the big International Laurel & Hardy festival in July, 2012, which was based in Manchester, N.H.  We do not watch tv, don't even own one, but watch hundreds of vintage films collected over the years with a projector and screen!


Cats in the Cradle is a reflection of my love for making the best soaps with the best herbal ingredients and the joy in bringing them to people who appreciate quality handmade goods.  I like to think that in some small way we've made a difference in the lives of the abandoned strays who gave so much and asked for so little in return.      


      In memory of "Linoleum" and all the feral cats who still live in the shadows....... 











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